Brandon Peterson

How Captain Vegas Works Seattle

TORO Time.

Meet my good friend Brandon Peterson.
A bold, brilliant, badass with a heart of gold and a mind fit to bring honest change to society as a whole. The man goes big in all aspects of life while still maintaining all levels of cool. Brandon creates digital solutions through his company Object Studio that enable the masses to take a stand, and let their voices be heard: especially with his latest creation Capitol Call now available in the App Store.

He’s a man that wants to see change in the world for the good of all humanity: both in politics, business – and rooftop parties (and that’s likely an understatement).

I met brandon nearly 5 years ago at Makers Workspaces in Seattle. He’s the kind of person you’d hope to meet and collaborate with: a true innovator who shows tremendous support to his friends and colleagues (not to mention is a charitable host to some of the wildest dance parties I’ve ever known). I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we read about Brandon in GQ, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Humble Gangsters Quarterly (I wish that existed).

So do yourself a favor, and get to know Brandon Peterson (@see_brandons_pictures).