Chaun Osburn

The Last Web Designer You'll Ever Need

Metal Guru – Is It True?

For me, my professional life working with supremely talented creatives and other designers up to this point is divided as such: before Chaun Osburn – and since Chaun Osburn.

With over 20+ years of design experience, Chaun man breathes new life into brands, elevating their presence to new levels of quality, taste, and overall joy. Take a look at some of the work he’s created for brands and shared project’s we’ve collaborated on and be sure to check out more of his work here: (IG: @madebychaun).

Collaboration for Easy Street Records' Pearl Jam Pop-Up Shop. Design by: Chaun Osburn
Easy Street Records' Pearl Jam Pop-Up Shop featured this custom beauty, approved by the band. All sales proceeds of the flag at Easy Street went towards Art Corps Seattle.
Step to this in-store floor decor for Easy Street's Pearl Jam Pop-Up Shop.
Congrats & welcome to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.
Odyssey rebrands.
Playing darts and getting lit with the wild ones at Easy Street Records.
Have you spotted the van!? Matchbook Design by: Chaun Osburn
Formidable rebrand // Seattle, WA

Chaun’s work is in a class all it’s own.

This site (and probably several others you’ve stumbled across) has this man’s creative stamp of approval all over it – and I couldn’t be more honored to get to call him my close collaborator, partner in crime, and dear friend.

And now, cue T.Rex.