Easy Street Records

The Best Damn Record Store In America – Period.

Vinyl, Rock Shows,
& Eggy Pop Omelettes.

It’s no secret that I’m a big vinyl records geek.
Listening to records with friends and family is only half the fun.
The other half is in the hunting. The crate digging. It’s enjoyable alone or with others do expose one another to tastes + interests. You can learn a lot from somebody by taking them to a record store.

Easy Street Records owner, Matt Vaughan. You may recognize the van, cruising through West Seattle...

Vinyl is interactive.
It’s art. It’s entertainment.
Above all else – it’s communal.

Owner Matt Vaughan has created a special kind of experience with Easy Street. Sure it’s a record store, but it’s also a cafe + a concert venue. For the definitive full hour-long town-hall story, click here.

Easy Street has been around since 1988. I’ve been digging crates here since 2001. Since launching a side project (The Vinyl Resurgence Project)

in 2014, I’ve been thankful to combine my love of records, community, video, local charities and distilleries into such a fun community event series: and Easy Street has been there since day one. For all the crazy spots we’ve made over the years, here’s an example of the kind of mad-cap antics we enjoy creating together:

EZXXX: Easy Street Turns 30

When ‘Campy’ Gets Good – You Get 29% Off


J Mascis + Small Business Saturday:
Dreaming Big – Shopping Small


Record Fair at KEXP


Record Store Day 2019 – Recap


SPEAK EASY with Eddie Vedder


I’m very thankful for the people at Easy Street. The shenanigans we get into and create together has opened doors for me – especially in local collaboration with KEXP, Record Store Day, Sub Pop, and Pearl Jam.

“VOTED: Top 10 Best Record Stores in America”
– Rolling Stone

ESR’s staff is comprised of hard working, knowledgeable people with great taste – and they’ll definitely point your ears in the right direction. If you’re in need of fresh wax, great food, and free in-house performances from real artists and national acts – do your senses a favor and take a stroll down to Easy Street.

Matt & Mark Arm at Sub Pop unboxing anniversary Green River reissues.
J Mascis cameos at Easy Street Records for Small Business Saturday commercial.
Have you spotted the van!? Matchbook Design by: Chaun Osburn
Playing darts and getting lit with the wild ones at Easy Street Records.
Collaboration for Easy Street Records' Pearl Jam Pop-Up Shop. Design by: Chaun Osburn
Collaboration with KEXP for Record Fair. Design by: Chaun Osburn

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