Pearl Jam: The Homeshows

The Fight For Seattle's Homeless

Worldwide – Unified.

As a homegrown Pacific Northwesternite, I’ve grown up loving grunge – and in particular, the kings of the game: Pearl Jam. In summer of 2018, Pearl Jam & their Vitology Foundation took aim on a select few cities to tour: each with their own cause attached to each city.

For their return to Seattle, PJ wanted to aid in helping Seattle’s growing homeless community with two nights of benefit shows. Through some work with Easy Street Records, I’d had the opportunity to collaborate with PJ/Monkeywrench’s amazing team to create some awareness pieces, as well as some ticketing rules content – which was fun.

Keeping concerts real.

Very honored to have been a part of this awesome event, and a tip of my hat to a band that rocks out for the rights and aid of several causes – worldwide.

Nothing but the facts…

PS: Thanks for the tickets, fellas 😉

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