Redeeming Soles

Saving Seattle's Soles

Fresh Kicks For All Across The Pacific Northwest

Led by the incredibly gracious and giving Jessica Reasy, Redeeming Soles is committed to providing proper footwear both directly to underprivileged men, women and children throughout the Pacific Northwest. Redeeming Soles distributes footwear on a monthly basis to these local organizations while also adding more organizations as the need arises.

Growing an organization that acts as a model for those in other areas of the United States also wanting to provide both footwear and foot care to the needy.

Redeeming Soles collects new and used footwear via shoe drives (such as its annual Shoe Harvest) and local drop off locations. All the footwear is stored at Redeeming Soles’ 1,800 square-foot distribution center where it is sorted by gender, cleaned and boxed for pickup by local organizations. Redeeming Soles has drop off locations throughout the Seattle area and also operates a booth for donations at the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon.

Be sure to check out Redeeming Soles now – and put those shoes sitting in your closet to a great cause.

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